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Add Excel to Word

Problem: My co-worker is working on a report in Word. I need to add a table and chart to Word. I hate Word.

Strategy: You can use the full power of Excel in Word. While you are typing the document, you can put all of the Excel ribbon tabs in the Word ribbon. Follow these steps:

1. Place the insertion point where the table should start.

2. Select Insert, Object (look for the cactus icon). Word will display the Object dialog box.

3. Choose Microsoft Excel Worksheet. Click OK. You now have Excel ribbon tabs at the top of Word!

4. Build your worksheet in the frame. You can use the resize handles in the corner of the frame to make the worksheet as wide and tall as necessary.


Figure 106 If you have to work in Word, it is better to have Excel.

5. Consider using View, Show, and uncheck Gridlines. This will hide the gridlines when the worksheet is embedded in Word.

6. Click outside the spreadsheet frame. The worksheet appears in Word.


Figure 107 An Excel-generated table in Word

Additional Details: It seems bizarre, but if you need to put a Word paragraph in Excel, you can use the same trick in Excel. Choose Insert, Object, Microsoft Word.

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