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Excel Hide the Paste Options in Excel 2007

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Hide the Paste Options in Excel 2007

Problem: After pasting data in Excel 2007, the little clipboard icon is covering up a cell that I need to see in my worksheet. Pressing Esc does not dismiss that icon. How can I get rid of it>

Strategy: I used to think that saving the workbook was the only way to dismiss this annoying icon that appears at the bottom right of the paste area. In Learn Excel podcast episode 515, I learned that you could dismiss this icon by changing any column width. You don’t actually have to change the column width. You could simply click between column A & B like you were about to change the column width.


Figure 85 Click as if to change the column width to dismiss the icon.

Thankfully, the Excel team changed the behavior in Excel 2010. Clicking Esc will dismiss the icon.

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