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Excel Chart and SmartArt Text Is Automatically WordArt

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Chart and SmartArt Text
Is Automatically WordArt

Problem: How can I add WordArt as a title in a chart?

Strategy: Starting in Excel 2007, all text in a chart or in a SmartArt graphic is eligible to be WordArt. You don’t have to do anything special: You just use the WordArt Styles group on the Format tab while editing the SmartArt or chart.

In SmartArt, you have full access to all the WordArt styles, including reflection and transforms. The SmartArt at the top of this figure shows three different styles of WordArt in each shape.

Unlike in SmartArt, in charts, the settings Bevel, 3-D Rotation, and Transform are grayed out. You can only change the fill, outline, shadow, and glow.


Figure 1341 Text in SmartArt and charts is WordArt.

Alternate Strategy: Rather than formatting a chart title as WordArt, you can leave out the chart title and add WordArt as the chart. Follow these steps:

1. Select Layout, Chart Title, None.

2. Keep the chart selected. Select Insert, WordArt. Excel will embed the WordArt in the chart.

3. Resize the WordArt so that it’s title sized.

4. Use any of the full range of WordArt effects, including 3-D rotation and transforms. Here is a chart with a WordArt title.


Figure 1342 Create bending WordArt titles.

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