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Excel Add Connectors to Join Shapes

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Add Connectors to Join Shapes

Problem: Is there a way to join two shapes with a connector?

Strategy: All lines can be connectors.

Select Insert, Shapes dropdown and choose any of the Lines shapes. When you are about to click for the start or endpoint, hover over an existing shape. Red connector points will appear along each edge of the shape. If you start or end a line on a red connection handle, the line will be anchored to the shape.

Some shapes offer four connection points. Others offer a connection point on every corner.



Figure 1281 The triangle offers six connection points.


Figure 1282 Hover over a shape to see where the connection points are located.

Here are several shapes with connectors. If you rearrange the shapes, the lines will continue to connect the shapes.


Figure 1283 Shapes joined by connectors.



Figure 1284 Rearrange the shapes, and the connectors stay in place.

If you want to edit where a line connects, click on that line. Red handles will appear on the connector points. Move the red handle to a new location.


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