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Excel Paste a Live Picture of a Cell

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Paste a Live Picture of a Cell

Problem: I have a massively large spreadsheet. I’m working on calculations in the top of the spreadsheet but need to monitor a result in W842. It is a pain to travel back and forth to monitor that cell.

Strategy: You can take a picture of the cell and paste it where you can keep an eye on it. Follow these steps:

1. Select cells W841:W842. Press Ctrl+C to copy.

2. Return to the top of the worksheet. Select an area that has a few blank cells. Select Home, Paste dropdown, As Picture, Paste Picture Link.

A live picture of the cell will be pasted.


Figure 1267 G7:G8 is a live picture of cells W841:W842.

As you make changes and the calculations cause the result to change, the picture will update.

Additional Details: The picture can be of multiple cells. Also, it is possible to move the picture by dragging it to a new location. You can even paste several pictures, each of a different few summary cells in order to have a dashboard showing key cells from throughout the workbook.

See Also: “Monitor Distant Cells" on page 254.

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