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Excel Fill Formatting

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Fill Formatting

Problem: I have a thousand rows of data. I want to apply red and blue to every other row. Nothing in the Format as Table looks exactly like I want it to look and I don’t want to define my own table style.


Figure 1215 Copy this formatting.

Strategy: This technique temporarily wipes out all of your data, but you get it back. It is a fast way to go.

1. Select the data in rows two and three. You will see a fill handle in the bottom right corner of the selection.


Figure 1216 Double-click the fill handle.

2. Double-click the fill handle. All of your data is destroyed. Don’t panic.

3. Open the icon at the bottom right.

4. Choose Fill Formatting Only. All of your data comes back. The formatting is copied throughout.

Result: the formatting is copied. Your data that was overwritten comes back.


Figure 1217 Open the Fill Options icon.


Figure 1218 Only the formatting is copied!

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