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Excel How to See Headings and Row Labels as You Scroll Around a Report

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How to See Headings and Row Labels
as You Scroll Around a Report

Problem: I have a wide spreadsheet. There are headings at the top of the spreadsheet, and there are several columns of labels at the left side of the spreadsheet. I also have monthly sales figures that extend far to the right. I need to be able to scroll through the sales figures while always seeing both the headings at the top and the labels at the left of the spreadsheet.


Figure 71 See columns A:F as you scroll right.

Strategy: Use the Freeze Panes command on the View tab. You must place the cell pointer in the correct location before using the command.

In the spreadsheet shown above, you might want A1:F5 visible all the time. Then, you could scroll through the monthly figures and always be able to see the customer information in the left columns and the month name information in row 5. Here’s how you make it happen:

1. Select cell G6. This is the first non-frozen cell.

2. Select View, Freeze Panes, Freeze Panes. You will see a solid line between columns F and G and between rows 5 and 6.

Results: As you scroll, you can always see the headings.


Figure 72 Scroll out to October and you can still see A:F.

Alternate Strategy: Some people prefer to use Split instead of Freeze Panes. I am not a fan of Split since it is too easy to scroll from one quadrant to another. However, several viewers provided reasons why they prefer Split. Search the Internet for “Learn Excel 1101” for a demo on using split.

The primary advantage to Split is the ease with which you can change the split location. This figure shows two Split handles. Drag the top handle down to create a horizontal split. Drag the bottom handle left to create a vertical split.


Figure 73 Split handles make it easy to position the split location.

After applying a split, you can click in any portion of the screen and begin scrolling. If you later want to move the split, click on the Split bar and drag it to a new location. To remove the split, drag the bar all the way to the right or bottom of the screen.


Figure 74 It is easy to reposition the split location.

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