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Excel Group Columns Instead of Hiding Them

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Group Columns Instead of Hiding Them

Problem: I have a report with months and quarters. My manager sometimes wants the reports printed with months hidden and other times with the months showing. It is a pain to hide/unhide the four groups of monthly columns.

Strategy: You can group the columns instead of hiding and unhiding them. Follow these steps:

1. Unhide all the columns.

2. Select the headings Jan, Feb, and Mar. Select Data, Group, Columns. Excel adds a group and outline symbol above the column headings.

3. Repeat step 2 for Apr, May, Jun; Jul, Aug, Sep; and Oct, Nov, Dec.

Excel will draw in Group & Outline buttons above the spreadsheet.


Figure 1195 Excel adds group and outline icons like with subtotals.

You can click the 1 Group & Outline button to collapse to quarters.


Figure 1196 The 1 and 2 Group & Outline buttons toggle between views.

You can click the 2 button to display months.

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