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Excel Use White Text to Hide Data

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Use White Text to Hide Data

Problem: My workbook needs extra columns in order to show a graph. I’d like to hide this information from the person using the workbook.

Strategy: Choose the extra cells and choose white text color. To do this, you select Home, Font Color dropdown and choose a white font for the text

This will prevent the cells from being seen or from printing (assuming that the cell background color is also white).

The white font prevents the cells from being visible on screen and from printing.

Additional Details: If you need to troubleshoot these cells, reselect the range. In Excel 2003 or Excel 2010, the selection color is dark enough that you can make out the white font in all but the active cell. (Press Ctrl+period to move the active cell to another corner of the selection so you can see the first cell).


Figure 1188 Change the font color to white.

Gotcha: In Excel 2007, the selection color is too light to make out the white font. While the white cells are selected, open the font color dropdown and hover over a dark color. Live Preview will temporarily show you the cells.

Gotcha: Why not just hide the columns? By default, Excel will remove data from a chart when the columns are hidden.

Alternate Strategy: I often take the chart and cover the source data with the chart.

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