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Excel Move Small Pie Slices To Second Chart

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Move Small Pie Slices To Second Chart

Problem: All of the tiny pie slices really make the chart hard to comprehend.


Figure 1028 Everything under 10% is noise.

Strategy: Excel offers two chart types that will take the small wedges to a secondary chart. To make these look right, you should always plan on tweaking the settings.

Choose the pie chart. Select Design, Change Chart Type. Choose the Bar of Pie icon.


Figure 1029 There must be a better name.

Initially, the settings are invariably wrong. They usually move the last five points to the secondary chart. There are better choices.

Right click the secondary chart and choose Format.

The first dropdown offers Position, Value, Percentage Value, and Custom. With custom, you can choose each data point and specify if it is in the first or second plot. An easier choice is to choose Percentage Value. Move everything that is below 10% to the secondary plot.


Figure 1030 Adjust which items are in secondary plot.

You can control the size of the secondary plot. It starts at 75% of the size of the pie. If those small slices are unimportant, make it smaller. However, if you need to see the detail of those small items, you can go up to 200% of the size of the pie chart.


Figure 1031 These percentages are relative to the first pie.

Gotcha: I had to choose individual labels near the bottom of the column and resize just those labels to prevent overlapping. To select individual labels, you can click one label to select all labels, then a second click to select one label. Then, use the right arrow key to move from label to label.


Figure 1032 The secondary chart shows detail of all the small slices.

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