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Excel Chart On a Coin

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Chart On a Coin

Problem: I want to superimpose a pie chart on a coin.


Figure 1027 Superimpose a pie chart on a coin.

Strategy: Build a completely transparent pie and move the pie to the top of the coin. Making the pie completely transparent requires one more step than you would think.

1. Paste an image of a coin in the spreadsheet.

2. Create a 2-D pie chart.

3. Layout, Legend, None.

4. Layout, Data Labels, More Data Label Options. Choose Category Name. Choose Percentage. Change from Best Fit to Outside End. Keep the Format dialog box open.

5. Click once on the pie itself. The Format dialog box will now say Format Data Series.

6. Choose Fill, No Fill.

7. Choose Border Color, Solid Line. Choose a color that will contrast well with the coin.

8. Choose Border Styles. Increase the width of the border. Perhaps 2 points.

9. Click inside the big box surrounding the chart, but not on any chart element. The goal is to select the element known as the Chart Area. If you can’t do this by clicking go to Layout, and use the dropdown in the Current Selection group to select the Chart Area. Note that you can do this while the Format dialog box is open. You should see the dialog title change to Format Chart Area.

10. In the Format Chart Area, choose No Fill from the Fill category. This is the step that actually lets you see through the chart.

You now have a pie chart that is transparent. Drag the chart on top of the coin. You will have to make some find adjustments, resizing the chart, then nudging it over the coin.

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