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Excel Display an Axis in Millions Using the Layout Tab’s Built-in Menus

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Display an Axis in Millions
Using the Layout Tab’s Built-in Menus

Problem: My numbers are in millions. I am wasting a lot of space showing all of those zeros along the vertical axis.


Figure 1013 The zeroes along the vertical axis take a lot of space.

Strategy: Microsoft added many popular choices to the Labels, Axes, Background, and Analysis groups of the Layout ribbon tab. These popular settings often allow you three- to five-click access to settings without having to venture into the complex Format dialogs.

Choose Layout, Axes, Primary Vertical Axis, Show Axis in Millions.


Figure 1014 Here, the choice you need is in the list.

Results: Excel removes the zeros and adds a label indicating that the numbers are in millions.


Figure 1015 The zeroes are replaced with “Millions".

Gotcha: Although the built-in menu choices on the Layout tab are easy to use, they do not represent the complete set of choices. See the next topics for an example.

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