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Teach Excel Your Favorite Chart

Problem: The previous trick doesn’t help me. I have to create line charts, legend at the top, with a title, scale in thousands.

Strategy: Create one chart with all of the customizations that you would normally make. (See details throughout the following three dozen topics.) Save your favorite chart as a template. Set that template as the default chart.

To save the current chart as a template, select the chart. Go to the Design tab of the ribbon. Choose Save as Template.


Figure 996 Save a chart template.

Give the chart template a name describing the chart.

The button to set the default chart is located in the Change Chart Type dialog. Click the left icon in the figure above. At the top of the left panel, choose Templates.

You will now see one thumbnail for each template that you’ve saved. If you are lucky, there is one template there.

Gotcha: If there are multiple templates in the folder, you have to hover over each template to see the template name. They are arranged alphabetically, so that might help.

When you find the correct template, click the template. Then, at the bottom of the dialog, choose Set as Default Template.


Figure 997 Select the template. Set as Default Chart.

Result: When you select data and press Alt+F1, you will get this chart instead of the clustered column chart.

Gotcha: the actual text of the chart title is not saved in the template. Microsoft says this is a privacy concern. Since templates can be shared, you might accidentally create a template with sensitive content and save that as a template.

Additional Details: You can share templates with others. When you click Manage Templates in the above image, you will see the Templates folder. Templates are stored with a .crtx extension. Save the template in the same folder on your co-workers computer.

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