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Excel PowerPivot Arranges Your Slicers

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PowerPivot Arranges Your Slicers

Slicers work better in PowerPivot. You have to decide if the slicer should be horizontal or vertical. Tip: Vertical slicers are good for long lists of items.

After that choice, PowerPivot will take care of arranging the slicers. Below, PowerPivot decided that Sector would look good as a two-column slicer and that Product would work as a three-column slicer.


Figure 963 Slicers look better in PowerPivot.

Note that you can change the color of the slicers, but you cannot effectively adjust the number of columns or button size. If you try to resize a slicer, PowerPivot will immediately redraws the slicers back to a calculated size.

For the most part, I applaud the PowerPivot’s team of trying to arrange the slicers. Based on the length of entries and the number of items, PowerPivot does a good job of figuring out a good size. This certainly is better than Excel’s logic of tiling every slicer as a single-column in the center of the screen. The PowerPivot slicers will be acceptable 90% of the time, while the Excel slicers always need to be adjusted.

Gotcha: sometimes, you really need to take control of the slicer and resize it. There is a bounding box that completely surrounds the horizontal slicers. You can resize that bounding box and hope this corrects the slicer layout. Even better, drag the slicer completely outside of the bounding box. You now have control over formatting the slicer.

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