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Excel Using the PowerPivot Field List

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Using the PowerPivot Field List

The first thing you will notice is that the regular PivotTable Field List is replaced with a new PowerPivot Field List. This field list has extra zones for slicers. It also lists all the fields in all your tables in the same field list.


Figure 960 Having fields from multiple tables is new for pivot tables.

Choose fields from any table and drag them to the four drop zones at the bottom of the table.

The pivot table below mashes up data from the Sales table with information from the Sector table.


Figure 961 Reporting from two worksheets without doing a VLOOKUP.

Gotcha: in certain situations, the PowerPivot Field list will disappear and you will have a bizarre field list. This is the OLAP PivotTable Field List. PowerPivot tries to shield you from this list, but due to a bug, it occasionally appears and does not get hidden by PowerPivot.


Figure 962 PowerPivot tries to suppress this OLAP Field List.

To hide the OLAP field list, go to the PivotTable Tools Options tab in the Excel ribbon and turn off the Field List using the icon near the right side.

To bring back the PowerPivot Field List, go to the PowerPivot tab in the Excel ribbon and click Field List in the Show/Hide group.

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