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Pivot Table, Pivot Charts,
Tables & Charts, Charts & Charts

Problem: I am ready to create my pivot table. Why are there eight choices? Are these the only choices?

Strategy: PowerPivot can create one, two, or four pivot charts that all work from the same slicers. It is easy enough to do this with regular pivot tables, but PowerPivot makes it a bit easier. There is a PivotTable drop-down in both the PowerPivot window and on the PowerPivot tab in Excel. Open the drop-down and choose to create a pivot table.


Figure 959 One, two, or four tables and charts.

The first two choices are similar to Excel. Create a single pivot table or a single pivot chart. The eighth choice is cool; a flattened pivot table is one where the row labels automatically repeat, and the outer row fields don’t have subtotals. This is great for creating a summary table that will be used for future analysis.

The third through seventh choices offer various arrangements of a pivot chart and/or a pivot table. This is too make your life easier. This is to get you to start thinking about showing a table and a chart with a single set of slicers. But it begs the question about all of the other possible combinations. What if you want two charts arranged vertically with a table to the right? What if you want two tables? What if you want five charts? You can do these, they just aren’t as easy as the choices shown.

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