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Excel Report Text in a Pivot Table

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Report Text in a Pivot Table

Problem: I have a list of text entries. I want to use slicers to filter this list.


Figure 935 Filter with slicers.

Strategy: Although Slicers appear on the Excel 2010 Insert menu, they do not work with regular Excel data sets. You can report the text in a pivot table.

Build a pivot table with the text that you want to report in the Row Labels of the pivot table. Move every other field to either the Report Filter or a Slicer.

To convert from daily dates in the date to years in the slicer, temporarily put date in the row labels. Group the field to years. Then move it to the Report Filter or create a slicer.

The result is a pivot table that shows a text field from only the rows that match the selected criteria. Here are podcasts about Excel 2010, pivot tables, excluding any 2009 episodes.


Figure 936 You rarely think of pivot tables returning text.

This is an interesting way to use slicers with a regular data set.


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