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Excel Group Employees Into Age Bands

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Group Employees Into Age Bands

Problem: I work in Human Resources. I need to calculate the number of employees and average salary by groups of ages. Initially, I get a pivot table with one row per age. How do I group this into groups like 25-29, 30-34, and so on?


Figure 868 Group these rows into groups of 5 years.

Strategy: Choose one cell in the Age field in column A and click Group Field. Excel will initially offer to group the ages into 10-year buckets, starting at age 26. Edit those settings as shown here.


Figure 869 Start at 20, go to 89, in groups of 5.

Result: Excel creates a report with groups of dates.


Figure 870 Excel groups rows into categories.

Gotcha: Excel does not show a category if there were no employees in that category. Note that the ages jump from 69 in row 12 to 85 in row 13.

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