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Excel Open a Saved File Whose Name You Cannot Recall

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Open a Saved File Whose Name
You Cannot Recall

Problem: I created and saved a file last Wednesday. It is no longer in my recently used file list, and I can’t remember its name. How do I find and open it?

Strategy: You can use the Details icon to find the files you saved last Wednesday. Follow these steps:

1. Select File, Open. Click More Options in the top of the dialog and choose Details.

2. You can now see file names as well as dates and times of the last save. Sort by date by clicking the Date Modified header. The first click will sort in either ascending or descending order.

3. Use the scrollbar to go to the top of the list. If the top contains old files, click the Date Modified header again to sort in descending order. You can now scroll back to last Wednesday to find the file.


Figure 56 You can now sort the list by date.

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