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Excel Sort Pictures With Data

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Sort Pictures With Data

Problem: My manager wants me to add employee pictures to the department phone list. I need the pictures to sort with the data.


Figure 610 Sort the list alphabetically.

Strategy: By default, this will work. Each picture has a property that will cause it to move but not size with cells. To see the property, select the picture and press Ctrl+One. There are 16 categories in the left bar of the Format Picture dialog. Near the bottom, choose Properties. The Move But Don’t Size with Cells should already be selected.


Figure 611 This is the default setting.

Select one cell in column A and sort with the AZ button. The pictures should move with the names.


Figure 612 The pictures will sort with the rows.

Gotcha: I am guessing that you wouldn’t be looking up this topic unless the sort already failed for you. I’ve had to troubleshoot this before and it always comes down to one issue.

The process of inserting and resizing pictures is a mind-numbing process. You must be certain that every picture is completely contained within one cell. If the picture extends by even one pixel over the top edge of a cell, it will not be sorted correctly.


Figure 613 This picture is a few pixels too high. It will not sort..

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