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Calculate One Range

Problem: I have a workbook that takes 3 minutes to calculate. I changed to manual calculation mode so I can enter data without waiting for a recalulation after each data entry. I just changed 10 cells and I only want to recalcluate the 10 rows that rely on those cells. I don’t want to wait 3 minutes when there are only 10 cells that need recalculated.

Strategy: You can press F2 and Enter on each cell that has to be calculated. This will force a single cell to calculate. For 10 cells, try this trick:

1. Select the cells that should be calculated. This must include more than one cell, or Excel will calculate the entire worksheet.

2. Ctrl+H to display the Find and Replace dialog.

3. Type an equals sign in the Find What box.

4. Type an equals sign in the Replace With box.

5. Click the Options >> button. Make sure that Look In is set to Formulas and that Match Entire Cell Contents is not checked.

6. Click Replace All.


Figure 305 Replace an equals with an equals.

Result: Only the selected range will be calculated.

Additional Details: After you have done the six steps above, you can quickly recalculate the selected range by using Ctrl+H, Alt+A. This will re-open the Find and Replace dialog, then do a Replace All with the previous settings.

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