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Excel getting a formula to do a similar job as another

i would like the following formula (1) and (2) to work in the same way as formula (3) formula (3) Code: =VLOOKUP(Agency_Daily_Input!D9,Agency_Contract!$C$9:$T$10000,IF(AND(WEEKDAY(Agency_Daily_Input!B9)>1,WEEKDAY(Agency_Daily_Input!B9)0.708333333333333,1))),FALSE) the above one return a value based on cell c9 on Agency Daily Input id like formula (2) to do the same Code: =IF(Agency_Contract!X9:X100000=0,0,IF(J9>Agency_Contract!X9:X100000,J9-Agency_Contract!X9:X100000,0)) formula (3) Code: =T9*Agency_Contract!$Y$9:$Y$100000*I9

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