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Excel formula too long

hey guys... any way I can shorten this formula so I can use it. says I have too many conditions =IF(E16>16,D16*1.8,IF(E16>14,D16*1.67,IF(E16>12,D16*1.54,IF(E16>11,D16*1.41,IF(E16>9,D16*1.3,IF(E16>7,D16*1.2,IF(E16>5,D16*1.12,IF(E16>4,D16*1.08,IF(D16>3,D16*1.06,IF(D16>2,D16*1.04,IF(D16>1,D16*1.03,IF(D16>0,D16*1.02,IF(d16.-1,D16*1,)))))))))))))

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