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Excel find a word in sentences then use it's number

hi i need to identify a word like car in a bunch of sentences in a column then sum their numbers into a cell. i explain it more: ...a sentence which contain car ........ i need to sum those numbers which contain car in their sentences. like: sum of cars = 2+32+12 books = 4 + ...... i can use this formula now : e1=is car sumif(a:a,e1,b:b) but i dont know how to identify car in a sentence then sum of those numbers in new cell. i mean just sum those cells which contain car in their sentence. i dont know how to explain it better. did u got it or i should have explain it more? the key word is car or something else in a sentence and i need it's number. by the way i'm new in excel and i don't know anything about programming. so plz say in details if there is any solution. thank u Last edited by pmncivil; Yesterday at 02:46 PM.

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