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Excel Help with Counting Current streaks

Morning All, Having fun with this one. I have found almost the answer how as the sheet grows I can see the formula becoming inefficient and will need condensing. I am making a table of my employees and want to reward those that consistently hit 100% on a certain area. See Below the table John Dan Paul Ed Brian Jason Ian Chris The Column "Current Weeks at 100%" has been done manually I need to count how many times an employee has hit 100% consecutively over a period of weeks. - I have done this using the below formula: - Seen in a ction in the "Current Formula" coloumn Code: 0 The problem is: A. I have 100 employees so the amount of calculation is going to get big. B. This is only upto 12 weeks, Obviously I want to build this as on going so for at least 52 Weeks.

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