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Excel Help Needed. 3 drop-down lists in a separate worsheet excel 2010

Hello all I am having trouble finding a way to do the following and any help would be very much appriciated: I have a list of different types of pipes which will be updated from time to time in there seperate table. Example table below The actual List however is 1000 lines. (note the last two columns are calculation results based on othe column omitted for clarity, the rest are data entries) Material uPVC Ductile Iron Steel oPVC uPVC Ductile Iron HDPe HDPe OPVC What i need is to be able to select the pipe material via a drop down list in a separate work sheet (but must only be unique entries) from this selection it will allow me to select the unique pipe diameters in the next cell over drop down list. then from these two it will allow me to select the unique pressure class from the third drop down list. from these three selections i will then populate cells 4 and 5 next to the drop down lists with the corresponding data in columns 4 and 5 in the above table. I'm sorry if i have missed a similar example in the forum my seach returned alot of data validation examples but i have tried it using a little vb and the advanced filter function but all i can get to is the pipe diameter after that it is beyond my abilities i think. Thank for the help Mat

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