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Excel Grouping and Creating a Texbox + A Shape VBA

Helloguys Icould use a little help . I want to insert a box .....Then " Adda textbox "at the same time . Preferably i would like to groupit as well. So that when i move the rectangle the text box isattached to it . Could someone please help guide me . I am very newto vba and just staring out . I really want to group it upon itscreation u Know ....Thank you guys happy computing EricMaxfield .... Code: SubDrawRect() ' Set WithmyDocument.Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeRectangle, _ 480, 170, 200,200) .Name = "A" .Fill.Visible =msoFalse .Line.ForeColor.RGB = RGB(48, 48, 48) .Line.DashStyle= msoLineSolid .Line.Weight End With EndSub

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