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Excel Formula to split words from a cell

Hi, I have a set of associates data which are placed in excel under single cell. I need that data to be split into 8 cells. Please find below example. My data A1 123456 James Vasanth (00) 123-456 (00) 789-101 [email protected] Tech lead "NO 01, 23rd street, Pune" Output: A1 123456 So the entire data in cell A1 should be split in to 8 cells as shown above. The logic which i have is at the start always it will be numbers that should be split in A1. followed by that we have Name that should be split into B1 & C1 which is first & last name. Then we have 2 contact numbers which always start with open bracket ( which should be split into D1 & E1 Then email ID need to be split in F1 Followed by that designation in G1 Then atlast in H1 we will have address and always it starts with " and ends with " Can anyone help me with formula or VBA which will be much helpful. Thanks!! Last edited by Pranuvins; Yesterday at 07:35 AM.

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