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Excel Formula or VBA for upgrading the grade one/two or Nil subject among five subject with various condi

I want Fix a formula in D6:D10 for upgrade the grade ( Based on C6:C10) of only one /two subjects or Nil subject acording to no.mentioned in C2 cell. Upgradation will be from lower grade to upper grade. in C=0 then D6:D10 WILL BE SAME AS C6:C10, IF C=1, THEN ONLY ONE SUBJECT WILL BE UPGRADED, which is lowest grade, IF C=2, THEN TWO SUBJECTS GRADE WILL BE UPGRADED FROM LOWEST GRADE. but if in case of tie in Grade among two or three suject then FOLLOWING CONDITION WILL BE APPLIED: 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- SUBJECT Overall Marks HINDI ENGLISH MATHS SCIENCE SOCIAL SC ** One example of upgraded marks mentioned here. Help: Your a little help save a lot of time of thousands teachers. for details please see this excel filefor download pl copy and paste this link to address bar.) http://files.kamaruddin.webnode.com/200000309-0278503710/quesion%20for%20UPGRADING%20FORMULA.xlsx

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