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Excel Formula be replaced with macro

Hello, can anyone tell me and help whether this kind of formula can be replaced by macro and perform the same function. This is just an example, then I will change my columns. The idea is to search in one column (chosen by me) and the string of text, if I find search terms to bring them back again for each row in another column. For example, looking at column A2:A and returns in column B2:B Code: =REPLACE(REPT("+AF266";COUNTIF(A2;"*AF266*"))&REPT("+AF267";COUNTIF(A2;"*AF267*"))&REPT("+AF268";COUNTIF(A2;"*AF268*"))&REPT("+AF269";COUNTIF(A2;"*AF269*"))&REPT("+AF311";COUNTIF(A2;"*AF311*"))&REPT("+CF706";COUNTIF(A2;"*CF706*"))&REPT("+CF707";COUNTIF(A2;"*CF707*"))&REPT("+CF708";COUNTIF(A2;"*CF708*"))&REPT("+CF512";COUNTIF(A2;"*CF512*"))&REPT("+CF508";COUNTIF(A2;"*CF508*"))&REPT("+CF437";COUNTIF(A2;"*CF437*"))&REPT("+CF648";COUNTIF(A2;"*CF648*"))&REPT("+CF649";COUNTIF(A2;"*CF649*"))&REPT("+CF444";COUNTIF(A2;"*CF444*"))&REPT("+HF095";COUNTIF(A2;"*HF095*"))&REPT("+NF520";COUNTIF(A2;"*NF520*"))&REPT("+NF521";COUNTIF(A2;"*NF521*"))&REPT("+NF522";COUNTIF(A2;"*NF522*"))&REPT("+NF523";COUNTIF(A2;"*NF523*"))&REPT("+AF386";COUNTIF(A2;"*AF386*"));1;1;"") Thanks in advance. Last edited by K0st4din; Feb 10th, 2014 at 01:00 AM.

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