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Excel Finding unique values and inserting them in the first row for each user occurance

I have a spread sheet with users' permissions and permission categories in two different columns. There are 200 permissions falling into 5 broad permission categories. Therefore, for each user my spread sheet currently looks like this: User User1 User1 User1 User2 User2 User3 User3 I would like to add a new column to the above spread sheet to list all unique values for each user in first row when user name occurs first. The resultant spread sheet should look like this: User User1 User1 User1 User2 User2 User3 User3 This allows me to easily see what unique permissions each user has rather than get confused when I see their permission in earch row of the permissions column. So basically, I need a formula or UDF that I would like to insert into the Unique-permission category column which will look at the user name and while the user name is the same it will look for all unique values in Permission Categories and list them in the last column (ignoring the duplicates). Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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