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Excel Finding the nth Value That Meets a Condition

I've taken a formula from this article Excel: Finding the nth Value That Meets a Condition. Which I'm trying to use to find the first non-empty cell in a range: Example from article - =INDEX(Range,SMALL(IF(ISBLANK(Range),"",ROW(Range)),n)-ROW(Range)+1) My version - {=INDEX(V36:AB36,SMALL(IF(ISBLANK(V36:AB36),"",ROW(V36:AB36)),1)-ROW(V36:AB36)+1)} But it's not returning the first value, which is located in cell AB36. I think I'm using the second newest version of Excel (apologies for the vague description), which isn't listed as a compatible version in the article so perhaps the formula needs to be adapted? I am entering the formula as an array.. Thanks in advance. Thavethe nth Value That Meets a Condition

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