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Excel Extracting nth word from cells

Hi, I am trying to extract the nth word (last name) from a cell following a unique combination of characters (ID #-). I do not want to use VBA, only functions. I need to extract the last name out of each cell which follows 'ID #-', which is not the first name, but the second name after the 'ID #-'. I notice there is a space before and after each last name, not sure if that information helps. Can anyone help? Let me know if you have any questions about it. Example: PPD OF MASS H09 IOP H88 03/31/15 ID #-JOE SMITH TRACE# 46848 ACH PPD OF MASS H10048 IOP H8778 03/31/15 ID #TRACY JOHNSON TRACE# 987 ACH PPD OF MASS H09 IOP H88 03/31/15 ID #-MARY ADAMS TRACE# 46848 ACH

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