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Excel Error with index match function

Hey all! My code looks up a user input value and returns a value from a different column a row below. This works great when I use VLookup until I realized I couldn't use the OFFSET function in VBA. So after looking through the forums, I switched to using INDEX-MATCH combination, which throws me a Error 1004, unable to find Index property. VLookup: Code: CableSizeTable = Worksheets(WorksheetName).Range(Worksheets(WorksheetName).Cells(10, Column), Worksheets(WorksheetName).Cells(26,78)) CableColumn = 79-Column CableSize = WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Val(LoadCurrentText), CableSizeTable, CableColumn) INDEX-MATCH: Code: CableColumn = Columns(1) ConductorRow = Worksheets(WorksheetName).Range(Worksheets(WorksheetName).Cells(10, Column), Worksheets(WorksheetName).Cells(26, Column)) j = 1 CableSize = WorksheetFunction.Index(CableColumn, WorksheetFunction.Match(Val(LoadCurrentText), ConductorRow, 1), -j).Value I've tried changing Code: CableColumn CableColumn CableColumn but there's no difference. Thanks in advance!

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