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Excel Edit Word Table columns width from Excel vba macro

Hi everyone, I spent hours trying to find a way to edit each column width of a word table from an excel macro and the best I could find is a way to edit every column to the same width, which is not enough. The following code does : - Open an existing Word file - Open an existing Excel file - Copy a range in the Excel file - Paste the selection into Word file - Edit the new table created in the Word file It's the editing part that's causing problem. Here's a video of what I want from this macro in the table editing part : (open it wih any web browser) I have no problem to set all my rows height to 0.5 cm because I want the same height for every row. I used Rows.SetHeight function (as you can see in my code). But when it comes to setting every column individually, I really don't know what to do. I found some pieces of code that seems to only work in a Word VBA macro like Code: ActiveDocument.Table.Columns(1).Width Thank you very much for your help! Code: Sub

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