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Excel Does anyone know if it is possible to isolate ‘ScreenUpdating = False’ to select columns only?

I have a monstrous workbook with a live data feed for stock price and other data. I use this workbook to monitor just over 5,100 stocks and depending on the data received via the live feed, Excel may have to run 100,000 calculations a second. When I first wrote all the formulas in this workbook, Excel was so overwhelmed it would lock up within seconds after opening. I?ve made quite a few changes but continue to look for ways to improve this and discovered something this morning; if I set ScreenUpdating = False, the workbook runs fine. Well, I know it is running in the background, I just can't see the changes. All of my critical calculations are contained in 12 columns but I do not need to see them update. But I do have 6 additional columns (they retrieve some data from the 12) that I need to see and I?m trying to find code that would turn off ScreenUpdating in the 12 columns only. I would think this is possible but I?m not well versed in VBA and I can?t find any references to show a way to do this. Does anyone know if it is possible to isolate ?ScreenUpdating = False? to select columns only?

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