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Excel Determining out the Appropriate Price

Hello! I am looking to create a formula based on the following table: 1 2 3 4 5 *That last row is the average of the column (ignoring zeroes). The first row is the column letters that each column represents in my spreadsheet. What I want to do is decipher an appropriate bid price based on the data from the past 2 bids (1/9/2014 and 2/11/2014). Currently, I have this formula in the "May Bid Price" row 2 within my spreadsheet (as an example): -0.25 Which means that if the bid from February 11th is zero, then I will consider the average of that region (row 5) minus $.25 as my bid price; however, if there is a price there (greater than zero), then I will pull that price minus $.25 as my bid price. The only other thing is, I realized I should be looking at both columns O (1/9/2014) and P (2/11/2014), but I am not sure how to incorporate both of them in my formula. I want to essentially say that if BOTHcolumns are zero, then the formula should pull the price from the average of the column (row 5), BUT if there is a price in either column O or P or both, then I want it to take that most recent price minus $.25 (i.e. If there is a price in 1/9/2014, but not for 2/11/2014, it would take the price from 1/9/2014 minus $.25 and vise versa). I hope that makes sense. I know it's confusing and was a bit hard to try and explain. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions and thank you for your help!

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