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Excel Deleted older rows

Hi All, I've been at this solely now for a couple of days and am pulling my hair out. I have a sheet with a couple of thousand rows of info of computer hardware. I need to delete the old warranty information and leave only the newest or latest info. In the sample sheet attached the computer with serial number 84456 on row 2 and 3 is the same computer, so I need to remove one of these lines (does't matter which one). Row 4 and 5, again same computer but the warranty detail on line 4 is newer so I need to keep this row and remove the older info (row 5). Row 6, 7 & 8, again all the same computer but row 7's warranty detail is newer so this needs to stay and row 6 & 8 be deleted. Row 9, 10 & 11, again all the same computer but row 11 has the more resent warranty information so this row needs to stay and row 9 & 10 be deleted. I've got over 2000 of these to get through and any help you guys can offer would save me days!!!! Thanks in advance for even just reading this. Serial Number 84456 84456 22723 22723 64157 64157 64157 38474 38474 38474

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