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Excel Delete entirerow if cellvalue in column A has "xxxx" as year

Please take me out of my misery. I think I'm going insane from google search overload. I have a workbook with 5000+ entries. It has dates in the format ( in Column A. All I need to do is delete ALL the rows that are not between 2005 and 2010 (inclusive both years) For example: (1) 22.02.14 (2) 01.01.07 (3) 02.12.01 So, Rows 1 and 3 would be deleted and 01.01.07 is kept because it is between 2005 and 2010. Please help me, I got over 6 workbooks to do this and really can't do this manually. Below is the code I sort of made. Doesn't work ofcourse but brilliant code for crashing computers. James Code: Sub DeleteRows() Dim i As Long Dim st As Long Dim en As Long Dim test As Long

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