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Excel Data filtering using formulas > Openoffice formula does not work in excel

Hello all, I have used Openoffice Calc to make some reports. Now the company gave me excel to work with which i was excited about. The problem is that some of my OO (OpenOffice) formulas don't do the trick anymore, and i'm not that great in formula debugging so thats why i turn to your expertise The following issue occurs: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 I extract data with two columns, Subject (A column) and Count (B column). I filter the subject and use: =OR(A3="Telephone in"; A3="Chat"; A3="Internet"; A3="E-Mail"; A3="Letter in") in D3. This gives met the TRUE or FALSE values. In E2 i used: =E2+MATCH(1;OFFSET($D$3;E2;0;$C$3-E2;1);0)where F2 is zero value. This returned the position of each TRUE value in the D column. After this i just need to copy the INDEX from the corresponding TRUE values into G column using: =IF(ISERROR(E3);"";INDEX(A$3:A$14;E3)). Sothe problem here is the =E2+MATCH(1;OFFSET($E$3;E2;0;$D$3-E2;1);0) formula. Does anyone know what goes wrong here??

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