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Excel DAX Earlier function

Hi, I am struggling with DAX EARLIER function in order to populate the FX column with a formula than in excel would be straight forward: formula in cell D2 =IF(C2="X";C2;IF(B2=B1;D1;"")) The row in column FX should be populated with column 3 value if existing, otherwise with the the previous row of FX, this by column 2 groups and Date ascending. Date 2 3 FX 1.Jan A X X 2.Jan AX 3.Jan A X 1.Jan B 2.Jan B X X 3.Jan B X 4.Jan B X 4.Jan C 5.Jan C 6.Jan C X X 7.Jan C X 8.Jan C X Could you please help me? Many thanks in advance, Est Gas. Last edited by estgas; Jun 26th, 2015 at 05:42 AM.

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