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Excel Cut and paste values to an indirect cell (ref will change) after cell AB4 says "END"

Hi - Id be very grateful for any assistance with this issue - FYI, I have zero knowledge of VBA so I'm hoping for a bells and whistles piece of code that I can just cut and paste into the VBA code place!! I have 2 sheets. First Sheet is called "A". Second Sheet is called "ResA" I want to cut values from "A" and paste to "ResA". Specifically, when cell AB4 in Sheet A = "END", then I want to cut and paste the values in sheet A - A5:AG30 to the cell (indirect) referenced on sheet A - AD3 (eg ResA!A8) in sheet ResA. Hope that's reasonably clear. It appears to be quite complex to me, so Id really appreciate a dig out. Thanks very much N32

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