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Excel Custom Number formatting in excel 2007

This is a report out of SAP, the column with Pounds 1 is automatically coming out of the system, the column Pounds 2 is a calculation that I had to manually do for over 5,000 line items. In column "Pounds 1" we have "LB" and "G" at the end of each number. I am trying to create a IF statement for everything with a "LB" to return the same number, but if it ends with a "G" multiply it by .0022046 to convert Grams (G) into Pounds (LB) (cell# *.0022046). I think the reason it is not working, bc it has some type of custom number formatting. When I do a Ctrl 1 on the cell it takes me to "Custom format cell" and when I do the comma style (,) it displays only the number and drops the ("LB" and "G"), any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Pounds 1 253,219.372 LB 941,352.152 LB 937,189.400 LB 6,060.960 LB 3,333.528 LB 370,732.032 LB 12,920.544 LB 195,819.624 LB 48,087.000 LB 3,861.000 LB 92,664.000 LB 28,957.500 LB 975,744 G 900,900 G 5,082,000 G 2,753,520 G 698,280 G

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