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Excel Create pivot chart from pivot table (XL2007)

Hi guys, Trying to automate the generation of a pivot chart using VBA Have managed to create the pivot table fine - all fields set up (pages, rows, columns, data) and it looks fine. I now want to create a pivot chart based on this pivot table. I'm running into trouble when I try to set the source data for the chart : Code: Dim objWorksheetPivotTable As Excel.Worksheet Dim objPivotCache As Excel.PivotCache Dim objPivotTable As Excel.PivotTable Dim objPivotChart As Variant .... With objWorksheetPivotTable Set With objPivotChart .SetSourceData objPivotTable.TableRange1 .ChartType = xlColumnClustered .Location xlLocationAsNewSheet, "Pivot Chart" End With End With I get the following error : Error 438 : Object doesn't support this property or method I've tried defining objPivotChart a number of ways (as a Chart, as a Shape - I'm just using Variant now so I can let Excel assign it to suit)

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