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Excel Compiling data from different worksheets.

Hey guys, I have a situation where I have to compile a lot of data from different columns from different worksheets. I have the Masterfile where in all the compiled data has to flow. The other two worksheets (2 is for an example, it may go up to 5 worksheets), worksheet 1 and worksheet 2 are the files from where this data has to be pulled from. The only thing common in all these 3 files are the headings i.e. the headings reported on the master file is same as the headings in WS1 and WS2. So I want the information under respective headings from WS1 and WS2 to flow into the same headings under Masterfile. The trick here is that the details to be compiled in Masterfile are situated either in WS1 or WS2. So I need a macro to do this job. Please help me on this. I have copied below the format in which I have the masterfile. I can give more explanation if it will be of any help. ID WS1 Really appreciate your help.

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