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Excel Compare four sets of Columns

If there is a formula or a macro for this, that would be great. Using Excel 2010. What I am trying to do here is, I am trying to match all the "Key" columns across all 4 weeks and see if they have the IP column blank. If the IP column is blank across all 4 weeks, I just need to indicate it lets say in column I with "No Activity". There are about 5000 rows and the numbers in column "Key" are always out of order and some Key are added in week 2 and were not there in week 1 so I cant just sort them and compare rows. Here is an example of the data: In this case, the row with Key = 3574 would be the one where I would indicate it with "No Activity" in column I. Thanks in advance! A Week 1 Key 1234 3574

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