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Excel Colour cells between 2 times but leaving out lunchbreaks

Hi Guys, I'm stuck I am trying to create a template for a work rota which allows me to schedule a team with various start and finish times, some with and without lunch breaks and split across 2 sites. I have managed to cobble together most of it with a combination of formula and conditional formatting, but can't get it to leave the lunchbreaks blank so that I can see where the gaps in cover are on both sites. I'm afraid I am self taught, therefore I don't understand some of the more technical terminology, and haven't figured out how to attach a screenshot, therefore I've tried to give an example of what I've done below - with some of the formula included: 0 The conditional formatting then colours in those cells which have AB in them in Green, or CD in Purple. Ideally I would like those cells where a lunch break occurs to remain blank. I hope this makes sense, as it's sure confused me. I do hope someone can understand enough to be able to help me and thanks a million in advance. Jackie x 4 5 6 7 8

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