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Excel Code To Highlight What Is In Column AD On Sheet 2 But Not In Column AD on Sheet 1 With K As The Del

I have hidden a lot of columns for clarity. The code first needs to concentrate on column K. It needs to look at the number on sheet 2 then the corresponding number on sheet 1. It then needs to look at column AD. Any numbers that are in AD on sheet 2 but not in column AD on sheet 1 then the entire row on sheet 1 needs to be highlighted please. For clarity I have highlighted the 4 different examples a different colour. The data in yellow as you can see the 4 numbers on sheet 2 are listed ok on sheet 1 (next to the corresponding number in K M10200360000001) With the blue data you can see there is a difference, 2910LMB & 2910RMB (I have left clear) are on sheet 2 but when you look at the data in blue on sheet 1 they are not there so all those rows would need to be highlighted (obviously they would all be clear). The data in green is fine as they match on sheet 1. The data in red all the numbers are missing on sheet 1 as they say NYA in all rows so those rows would need to be highlighted. Its one of those ones where it may be harder to explain than it is to find a solution! Excel 2010 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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