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Excel Chart Connect Points Drawing Shapes Peltier

Excel Vba Shapes to Connect Points Charts and make Drawing Clone of Complex Chart XY with Lines Hi, Partners, I using Jhon Peltier code to draw in charts, I want connect the point of chart XY to create a shape clone of chart of 2 ways, 1solid line shape and 1Outline Shape. the code works with more simplex charts but no with my complex chart. i need change your "Dim as Integer" to "Dim as Long" to works with more simplex. i need change the location of "Next" before "ConverToShape" to final of code to avoid the problem of shape close before a correct moment.!searchin/microsoft.public.excel.charting/nodes$20points%7Csort:relevance/microsoft.public.excel.charting/AgWMOIKU4Do/w1JYa3PIt5kJ the chart (XY Scatter dots only) have 1series with very number of points with contiguous and non-contiguous points complex design. Excel 2013 32bit Original - Win7. please work with my sample file logo if possible.!RxRV0QSR!uHzNTAOIb...2xV1XlQ_h2IxVk

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