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Excel Changing a tab name in real-time based on cell value from another worksheet

Hi guys. This sounds like a simple question and I've been searching and searching, but can't seem to find the right answer. I currently have a spreadsheet with 2 tabs/worksheets named SHEET1 and SHEET2. Basically all I want is if anything is entered in cell A1 of Sheet, then the tab on Sheet 2 name changes accordingly. So A1 on sheet 1 is called APPLE, then tab on sheet 2 is also called APPLE. and if So A1 on sheet 1 is called ORANGE, then tab on sheet 2 is also called ORANGE. Hope this makes sense. PS. There is a lot more to it, but I just want to get a grasp of this before asking my next question. Thanks very much. Last edited by yeshallfind; Yesterday at 02:37 PM.

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